Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This is the lower peak tram station.

We have to ride the peak tram to the peak.


This is when I went to Hong Kong Disneyland.

When I was in Space Mountian It was so fun and danger.

This was the way to Fantasyland.

This is bus 15C going from Star ferry- lower peak tram station.
We love going to trip at school.

Mrs.Cadman riding on the bus

This is Mrs Cadman in bus 15C.
15C goes from Star ferry to the lower peak tram station.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My first movie

I was in the cinema.

I watched Wallace & Gromit - the curse of the were rabbit in the cinema last October.

It was fun.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Riding my bike.

I rode my bike today.

I met my friend when I went to the park.

He was in Kennedy school 2B.

We had some race.

This thing is in korean verion.
나는 자전거를 타고 있어요.

나는 친구를 만났어요.

나는 친구랑 공원에서 놀았어요.

같이 경주를 했습니다.

Story (Audio added on 18 Apr. 2006)

This is my picture.

I drew it today it is a story.

I hope you like it. Here let me tell you.

Starting the story. Once upon a time there was a very ugly octopus. He loved eating fish. One day there was a very beautiful fish. Suddenly the ugly octopus was trying to eat the fish!!
Then the fish swam fast as he could.
The octopus was tired and did't have
power to eat the the fish.
Then the fish laugh to the Octopus.
Ha ha you did't eat me.
Then that was the end of the story.

riding my bike

I am riding my bike till home.
Its fun riding the bike about 2 Hours.

I can ride my bike from now on.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Me and Jong Won is in the 100 day photo.

I am in Jong Wons 100 day photo.
Jong Won is My brother.
I don't have a sister.

Photo in a sunny day

This is a photo of me near my house.

I was here around noon.

It was a sunny day.

It was a nice day to ride a bike so I did.