Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jeri Telstar

I have read a book called Jeri Telstar and it is very fun for children. Its not long so I will show you what happened in the story. His name was Jeremiah Lee. He was a good boy and he did lots of work. But when he came to school he caught a giant bug and gave it to his teacher if it was nature day this would be a good thing but it was bake sale day. He got into trouble many times and was suspended from school for 3 month. He wanted to play with is Nintendo Gametoy but his parents took him to another school. But the school was very far away from his house so he went to his Nan. The towns name was Utter Backwater. His granma always nitted but one day he was bored so he went to the Knitting club where his nan was. His jaw dropped when he saw his granny with headphones and computers. His granny told him that she couldn't tell him what the 3 nans were doing because it was top secret. Jeremiah wanted to really know so they made a deal. Jeremiah promised to not tell anyone what they were doing. They showed him what they were doing but Jeremiah wanted to be Captain Heromen. His granny's made him to captain Heromen. A few days later he went to school. School was normal. Then someone asked him "do you like homework"? Jeremiah said yes. At the back of the book there are some interesting facts. I got this book for free because I won a prize. you can buy this book from Dymocks, Hong Kong.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Air Crash Investigation videos

I have been seeing lots of Air Crash Investigation videos. I like them because I learned what happened and what caused the crash. They are a pretty scary and PG is needed because many people die and there are lots of words that children don't know.

My favourite plane crash video is Pan Am 1736 and KLM flight 4805. These two flights collided each other. It is the worst plane crash in history because 583 people died in the crash in 1977.

The Air Crash Investigation videos can be watched on National Geographic and Air Crash Investigations and you can also find the worst plane crash in the world link on the bottom of this post.

There are several reasons why a plane crash can happen and those are: Pilot Mistake, Hijaking, Engine Falure, Bomb Terrorist, Bad Weather and Faulty Engine.

You can find the link to see the worst plane crash video here

You can also find Aloha Flight 243 plane crash video here