Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ngong Ping 360

When I went to the Ngong Ping 360 on Sunday 14th 2007 there was so much people on Tung Chung I waited I while to get my ticket. After a while we rode on a cable car and went to NP360.

On NP360 I saw Starbucks and my mum and dad drank coffee and I ate some ice - cream from a shop. Then I went to Monkeys tail theater and saw a funny movie. Ha Ha Ha! There was 3 monkeys and a statue. In the statue there was some kind of thunder magic. 1 of the 3 monkeys touched it and got burned. He got alive again and so on. Then I went to Walking with Buddha and saw somthing about the Buddha and something like that. There was a movie but it was not fun as the Monkeys tail theater so it is not shown here. We put a paper into the Buddha and it went thought the body. Then we went to the Tian Tan big Buddha. Then we went to eat to eat some snack. Then I went home.