Sunday, June 08, 2008

Black rainstorm warning in HK kills 2

The bad weather in Hong Kong caused 2 people to die and at least 4 injured in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Observatory first issued the amber rainstorm warning at about half past 4 in the morning. Then soon after that the black rainstorm warning was raised in 6:40AM yesterday. At least 15 vehicles were broken down. The Lantau highway was flooded up to 170mm and it was closed until 4 in the afternoon. This caused people to ride the Airport Express and the people had to squeeze in. More then 400 flights were delayed and 14 flights were cancelled because of the rain. 304.3mm of rain was recorded from the HK Observatory and that was the heaviest rainfall since 1884 when the HK Observatory first opened. It was a big record for many people.

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