Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cebu photos 1

Here are many of my pictures I took from Cebu.

This photo was taken at the beach in Shangri-la hotel beach with me, my mom, my dad and my brother. This was a family photo. I was happy so we asked someone to take us a family photo.

This photo was taken in a boat at Cebu and the photo you are looking now is my dad. I also went snorkeling and it was exiting and cool to look at the fish and I even gave the fish some bread!

This photo was taken at the Shangri-la hotel beach just before me and my dad went jetskiing. Jetskiing was the best and the coolest thing that I did at the beach.

This photo was taken when me and my dad went kayaking in the Shangri-la hotel beach. It was fastastic to row the boat and go to the deep sea and see what was outside.

This picture was taken before I went snorkeling. As I said earlier it was cool and exiting looking at all the sea creatures.

If you don't think its enough photos no need to worry because I am going to upload all the good photos soon. This is less then 5 percent of the good photos!

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