Friday, August 22, 2008

Typhoon signal no.9 injures at least 7

The typhoon signal 8 was issued just before 8AM today so I didn't have to go to school. Then at 1:40PM the Hong Kong observatory issued the typhoon signal no.9 for the first time in five years! In September 2003 typhoon Dujian hit the city and the typhoon signal 9 was issued. At least 7 people have been injured because of a storm and one man has one missing after surfing in Big Wave Bay beach. Rescuers have not found the man. The typhoon was a direct hit but the typhoon no.10 was not issued. HKO thought they might issue the number 1o signal the first time in 9 years after Typhoon York hit Hong Kong in September 1999. There were about 25 trees which fell down and about 50 scaffolding's and advertisements fell down and many roads had to close. All bus services and ferry services are canceled and were cancelled since 10AM.

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